Incentive Travel & Reward

From week long global incentive trips to special one-day rewards, eCubed Global will work with you to ensure your top performers aim to achieve your standards each and every time. Our knowledge of travel destinations and incentive experiences will surely support your growth targets – and we will manage every single detail from the initial concept, registration process, flights, post-trip memories and taxable benefit calculations. Whether you are looking to build something completely unique, or are looking for travel/hotel incentives, cruise incentives or even sporting events – our travel team is ready to work with you.

Tropical Paradise
Beach Banquet
Greek Paradise
Brandenburg Gate Sunset
cruise ship on island
Key Speaker
Public Speaker

Conferences come in all shapes and forms – but making it an experience is eCubed Global’s specialty. From one-day events to week-long conferences, from sit-and-listen to participation based conferences and from entertainment-filled conferences to strictly educational, we can support you for conferences of any size, taking place anywhere in the world. Do you need sponsors for your conference? Is there tradeshow space? Do you need keynote speakers? Does your conference have regulatory requirements? We have the experience to work within the guidelines and can manage the entire sponsorship process as well.

Special Events & Tradeshows

Special events can range from milestone anniversaries for your organization or key employee(s), charity events including golf tournaments, the launch of a new brand or division, or even an acquisition celebration. eCubed Global can help you make these special milestones memorable. Perhaps you are looking to market your business/product and are participating in a tradeshow, or you are looking to setup a tradeshow – we can help you from concept design stage to post-cleanup activities.

Cocktail Event
Collecting Donations
Tent in Lights
Contemporary Boardroom
Networking Event
Successful Work Team
White boardroom
Team work
professional developmnet training sessions for teachers
Leadership Meetings & Retreats

Quarterly management meeting or Board meetings, annual business planning meetings or team-building retreats for your organization’s leaders – leave the logistics and details to us so you and your management team can focus on accomplishing your business goals. eCubed Global has a management team with decades of corporate management experience and can also lend expertise in facilitating and designing your business planning sessions.